About Me

‘I am either a swan or an artist’.”

“I woke up one morning and felt something was strange with me. I had a heartache. I was five or thereabouts. The world was mesmerizing me in a curious way. I was getting all sad about things a child shouldn’t get sad about. I was laughing at things children are not supposed to laugh at. I recall telling myself, ‘I am either a swan or an artist’.”

Nesrin Cavadzade was born in Baku. With her mother she migrated to a country whose language she knew nothing about. Film had always been the language of her existence. She won numerous prizes but every time she got a new one, she believed she had to do the thing she most feared in cinema. And that fear became her obsession.

While considering her feelings about her life, she sees different film genres; her heart has set its sights on action, horror and comedy films. She preferred to be strange rather than boring. Marilyn Monroe’s words had made their way into her soul: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” She has always nurtured her light with her darkness: in this world of reflections, she knows that the shadows that fall on her face are signs of her destiny.

Nesrin Cavadzade does her film rehearsals with her four cats first. She is passionately trying to figure out the secrets of pole dancing. And most crucially, she is designing the dress she will be wearing at the Academy Awards ceremony.

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Editor: Tacım Açık – Kaya Genç